NordAqua News & Events 2021

  • Public Lecture Series in Finnish!

We are pleased to invite you to Public Lecture Series organized under NordAqua (www.nordaqua.fi ) and our sister organization- FuturoLEAF (www.futuroleaf.com ) umbrella.

We have four lecture series that are organized as hybrid events: With audiences at the Turku City Library & online stream via Facebook live from Facebook account of Library.

The lectures will take place in person at the Studio hall of Turku City Library and participation is limited to 45 audiences due to Covid.

The lectures will also be streamed online via Facebook Live via Turku City Library Facebook account (Turun kaupunginkirjasto – Åbo stadsbibliotek – Turku City Library) . You can find the links of  live streams on the each web pages.

The lecture series will be in Finnish and held:

on Thursday, 23th September  between 18.00-19.30 by Lauri Nikkanen (Ph.D)

23.9.  tutkijatohtori Lauri Nikkanen:  Fotosynteesi, maailman tärkein reaktio: Toiminta, tutkimus, ja bioteknologinen hyödyntäminen


on Thursday, 30th September  between 18.00-19.30 by Vilja Siitonen (Ph.D)

30.9.  tutkijatohtori Vilja Siitonen:  Keinotekoinen lehti – nanoselluloosaan pakatut fotosynteettiset mikrobit solutehtaina. FuturoLEAF projektin esittely


on Thursday, 7th October  between 18.00-19.30 by Tuomas Huokko (Ph.D)

7.10.  tutkijatohtori Tuomas Huokko:  Fotosynteettiset solutehtaat – ratkaisu kemiallisten yhdisteiden kestävään tuottamiseen?

and  on Thursday, 14th October  between 18.00-19.30 by Henna Mustila (Ph.D)

14.10.  tutkijatohtori Henna Mustila:  Mikrolevien hyödyntäminen kestävässä jätevesihuollossa


Please join us in the library or connect online via Facebook live. Please support us with your participation in person or virtually!

  • New research articles by the Uppsala Uni team are on-line!

Congrats to Uppsala Uni team for publishing! Research articles contributing to WP5-cell factories are on-line.

Semisynthetic [FeFe]-hydrogenase with stable expression and H2 production capacity in a photosynthetic microbe

Current advances in engineering cyanobacteria and their applications for photosynthetic butanol production.

  •  A new research article on biosorption of Cd ion by Nordic microalgae is online!

Congrats to all authors;  Martin Plöhn,Carlos Escudero-Onate and Christiane Funk for the new research article which is recently out!

The study demonstrates the high potential of Nordic microalgae to remove heavy metals at conditions relevant for an industrial tertiary wastewater treatment unit and will support the development of new, biobased, innovative technologies for the bioremediation of heavy metal polluted streams.

Please click to read the article: Biosorption of Cd(II) by Nordic microalgae: Tolerance, kinetics and equilibrium studies

  • The Elias Tillandz Prize

Congrulations to Dr.Sindhujaa Vajravel, Dr. Sema Sirin, Dr. Sergey Kosourov and Prof. Yagut Allahverdiyeva-Rinne from University Turku team for winning the Elias Tillandz Prize -awarded to Best BioCity Turku Publication in 2020!

The best publication prize of BioCity Turku has been named after Professor Elias Tillandz (1640-1693) who was the first empirical life scientist in Turku. Prof. Tillandz has been considered to be the “father of botany” in Finland because he published in 1673 the first botanical study, “Catalogus plantarum, tam in excultis, quam in cultis locis prope Aboam superiore aestate nasci observatarum”, and also because he established the first academic botanical garden in Turku (1678).

The UTU team won the prize with the publication “Towards sustainable ethylene production with cyanobacterial artificial biofilms”. Team leader Prof. Yagut Allahverdiyeva-Rinne shortly explains the concept of the study as “The thin-layer artificial biofilms fabricated in our group have sustained ‘green’ ethylene production from light and CO2 for up to 40 days”.For more info please click here: The Elias Tillandz Prize 2020

Funding is essential for scientific breaktroughts. We are grateful to all funding bodies NordForsk, Academy of Finland, the Novo Nordisk Fonden and University of Turku for their support on the project!

  • Open postdoc position on photosynthesis and photoelectrochemistry

The UTU Photosynthetic Microbes group is a part of a Nordic Center of Excellence (NordAqua, www.nordaqua.fi) and looking for a motivated postdoc to hire!

The team focuses on both fundamental aspects of photosynthesis, studying alternative electron transport pathways, and also applied photosynthesis, studying water remediation, biofuels and chemical production. You can learn more about the group here: www.utu.fi/photo-microbes

The goal of the project is to utilize the ability of photosynthetic microbes to create solar-driven electricity and produce the targeted chemicals.

Deadline for the application is 30 June 2021!

For more information about the application process see: Postdoc position @Photomicrobes group

  • Articles from NordAqua consortium in Physiologia Plantarum special issue!

Here you can find articles from our consortium that are published in the Physiologia Plantarum “Blue economy in the North” special issue ! This volume of the journal is a special issue organized in collaboration with NordAqua.

Bioactive peptides from microalgae: Focus on anti-cancer and immunomodulating activity”

“Chemical diversity and cellular effects of antifungal cyclic lipopeptides from cyanobacteria”

“Doing synthetic biology with photosynthetic microorganisms”

NordAqua, a Nordic Center of Excellence to develop an algae‐based photosynthetic production platform

“Nordic cyanobacterial and algal lipids: TAG accumulation, chemotaxonomy and bioindustrial potential”

Photoautotrophic production of renewable ethylene by engineered cyanobacteria: Steering the cell metabolism towards biotechnological use”

Photosynthetic hydrogen production: Novel protocols, promising engineering approaches and application of semi‐synthetic hydrogenases”

“Regulatory electron transport pathways of photosynthesis in cyanobacteria and microalgae: recent advances and biotechnological prospects”

“Sustainable resource production for manufacturing bioactives from micro‐ and macroalgae: Examples from harvesting and cultivation in the Nordic region”

“The cell wall of green microalgae and its role in heavy metal removal”

Wastewater treatment by microalgae”

  • FinnCERES Public Seminar: Fibre and Beyond

FinnCERES invites you to a unique showcase of the latest research findings and innovations in the world of bio-based materialson 10 March at 2 PM (EET/GMT+2)!

Please click here for more info and registration!

  • NordAqua Annual Meeting 2021 will be held ONLINE!

NordAqua members! We are delighted to welcome you to the NordAqua Annual Meeting 2021, on Thursday 4th March. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this meeting will be held online. In this meeting our partner organizations will give a brief recap of 2020. The information regarding the final programme and zoom link have already been sent to internal email of NordAqua consortium.

We also would like to inform you that the Nordic Algae Symposium (NAS) is cancelled because of the outbreak.

We look forward to meeting you online!

  • A new research article on nutrient removal from hydroponic effluent by Nordic microalgae in a greenhouse environment at pilot scale!

Congrats to UTU & LUKE team for the collaborative paper which is recently out! The study shows the feasibility of using Nordic cyanobacteria and microalgae for bioremediation of hydroponic effluents from a commercial cucumber greenhouse was evaluated. It is a proof of concept paper for using a greenhouse infrastructure to provide artificial light and temperature for the cultivation of microalgae creates an exciting opportunity for microalgae bioremediation in Nordic countries.

Please check here the article: “Nutrient removal from hydroponic effluent by Nordic microalgae: From screening to a greenhouse photobioreactor operation”

  • A new research article on pharmaceutical removal with Nordic microalgae at pilot scale!

Congrats to Umeå University team members! A new research article is recently out which determines the efficiency of Nordic microalgal strains in API removal using HRAPs fed with municipal wastewater and their fate after treatment!

Please click to read the article: Fate of active pharmaceutical ingredients in a northern high-rate algal pond fed with municipal wastewater

  • New research articles by the Uppsala Uni team are on-line!

Congrats to UU team! The articles are:

Isobutene production in Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 by introducing α-ketoisocaproate dioxygenase from Rattus norvegicus

Metabolic engineering of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 for improved bisabolene production

Engineered cyanobacteria with additional overexpression of selected Calvin-Benson-Bassham enzymes show further increased ethanol production

  • Save the date: 04.03.2021 – NordAqua Annual Meeting

The NordAqua Annual Meeting will be held ONLINE on March 4, 2021. NordAqua members, please save the date. The information regarding the details of the annual meeting will be sent to consortium common email list. Please stay tuned!