About PhotoBioCap

PhotoBioCap biotech competence centre promotes Nature-based solutions and technologies for efficient biological carbon capture and sustainable production of biofuels, biochemicals, agrichemicals and food-feed additives from abundant raw materials: solar energy, CO2 and waste streams, with a strong mission to mitigate climate change and conserve natural resources via circular economy.

PhotoBioCap will promote social welfare and provide science-based advice for policy makers towards implementation of the COP21 Paris Agreement and boosting the EU’s ‘green recovery’. 

Director:  Assoc. Prof. Yagut Allahverdiyeva-Rinne, University of Turku (UTU), Finland

Deputy Director:  Prof. Jukka Rintala, Tampere University (TAU), Finland

Host Organizations:

Central idea of PhotoBioCap

Key research objectives of PhotoBioCap collectively aim at enhancing CO2 capture and reforming the use of natural resources in an economically profitable but environmentally sustainable way.

PhotoBioCap Key Researchers

                                                             University of Turku   


Yagut Allahverdiyeva - ORCID                      Eva-Mari Aro - ORCID                    Eevi Rintamäki  - ORCID
Pauli Kallio - ORCID                                          Mikko Tikkanen - ORCID               Sergey Kosourov - ORCID


                                                             Tampere University


Jukka Rintala - ORCID                                      Marika Kokko - ORCID                   Ville Santala - ORCID    
Ioannis Fotidis - ORCID                                    Matti Vilkko - ORCID                       Esa Räsänen - ORCID    


                                                              LUT University


Mika Mänttäri - ORCID                                      Amit Bhatnagar - ORCID               Mari Kallioinen - ORCID 

Demonstrated scientific excellence (2018-2020)

PhotoBioCap competence center is based on scientific excellence and strong international networks of researchers at host universities.

Demonstrated Impact (2018-2020)

Along with a strong impact on international photosynthesis research, UTU has contributed to preparation of policy reports and EU Roadmaps (EU CSA SUNRISE R&T Roadmap, 2019; Artificial Photosynthesis Roadmap emphasizing the potential of biotechnology and photosynthesis research in fossil-free circular economy). 

TAU contributes to a Strategic Program for Circular Economy and UTU to the Finnish Food Strategy, both to be submitted for approval by the Finnish Government by the end of 2020. TAU and LUT have long traditions of working with municipalities and industry, thus transferring academic knowledge to society. The first membrane bioreactor in Finland for treatment of municipal wastewater was installed in Parikkala (2018), after piloting experiments by LUT.

UTU, TAU and LUT have put particular emphasis on training the students and increasing both the societal and political awareness of the feasibility of circular economy, industrial biotechnology and blue bioeconomy for sustainable development. Transfer of knowledge to the society has been implemented in different ways: via master thesis projects with industries and municipalities (20-25 yearly), launching a Photosynthesis textbook in Finnish for college and university education, popular science articles in national newspapers, lecturing at high schools, elementary schools, science cafeterias, libraries and in big annual book exhibitions for the general public. During the last two years, 17 international and national conferences and stakeholder seminars (e.g. 1st Nordic Algae Symposium (NAS18), 14th Nordic Photosynthetic Congress (NPC14), SUNRISE Finland Stakeholder Workshop) were organised by the PhotoBioCap host organizations. Training under supervision of PhotoBioCap senior researchers has produced 50 PhD degrees during 2018-2020, including international education in EU MSCA-ITN networks. Our PhDs find postdoc positions in leading universities and industry sectors (e.g. Neste Oyj, Gasum Oy, Orion, Bayer) both nationally and internationally. 

Key Collaborators

PhotoBioCap competence center attracts the interest of many stakeholders, including industry, societal partners, facilitators and media experts.


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